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Remain vigilant: pharmacy robberies are still occurring in Alberta

May 26, 2021
An important message from the Calgary Police Service.

The following is a message from the Calgary Police Service:

On behalf of your Alberta policing agencies, we remind everyone that pharmacy robberies are still active in Alberta. The Calgary area has been quiet for the past month; however, Edmonton and its surrounding feeder communities are still experiencing some ongoing issues.

Several pharmacies have elected to enhance their security measures to further keep their customers and staff safe. Some of these measures have included enhanced controlled entry systems and increased closed-circuit television (CCTV) capabilities. Many pharmacies are adopting timed safes into their operations and this has proven to be an effective deterrent at a few locations that were targeted.

Please remain vigilant, report any suspicious behaviour to your local authorities including suspicious calls inquiring about specific narcotic availability which was a common theme in the Calgary area. Many police services are equipped to conduct Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) audits. Contact your local police agency should you have any questions and they will assist.

For more information on how to prevent robberies and burglaries, what to do during and after an incident, and how to voluntarily report a robbery or burglary, visit the Pharmacy robbery and burglary page on the ACP website. Pharmacy teams are encouraged to use our online tool to report robberies and burglaries to ACP on a voluntary basis. This will allow ACP to securely share information with your colleagues that could help them prevent future events. The information collected may help the college with future policy decisions.