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Risk of dosing error for TAMIFLU® Powder for Oral Suspension (12 mg/mL)

October 20, 2009

Source of alert: Health Canada, Oct. 15, 2009

Reason for alert: There have been reported cases, in the US, where the units of measure in the instructions on the pharmacy prescription label were provided in milliliters (mL) or teaspoons, while the dosing device provided with the prescription was graduated in milligrams (mg). This has led to patient or caregiver confusion and dosing errors.

When dispensing TAMIFLU Powder for Oral Suspension (12 mg/mL), ensure that the units of measure on the prescription instructions match the dosing device provided (e.g., a device graduated in mg for a prescription in mg).

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Also check ACP’s Safety Advisories for up-to-date alerts and advisories.

Originally published in the October 20, 2009, issue of The Link