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Thank you, pharmacy teams

December 14, 2022
A message from ACP registrar Greg Eberhart.

As I reflect on 2022, I am thankful for and proud of the commitment that pharmacy teams have continued to provide patients and communities during a period of increasing demand and expectations. Your efforts and your capacity to continue to redefine yourselves are appreciated.

Access to pharmacy services has been a cornerstone to primary and public health services around the world. We are fortunate in Alberta, as our broad scope of practice positioned us well with fewer barriers than most to overcome. As the first point of care in communities across Alberta, pharmacy teams have met medication needs, provided immunizations, conducted monitoring and testing, and have been increasingly compounding essential drugs in response to manufacturer shortages.

There is no indication that the demand for primary and public health services will subside any time soon. Your community will continue to look to your team to meet their health needs. As we look towards the future, pharmacy teams must balance demand with their ability to comply with the Standards of Practice for Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians and ACP’s Code of Ethics. Pharmacy licensees and proprietors’ representatives also have a responsibility to ensure that their teams are appropriately resourced to deliver the services being offered. Despite our best intentions, if demand surpasses our capacity to deliver care in a safe and effective manner, we must adjust. 

In 2023, across Canada, the appropriate and effective use of pharmacy resources will be a common theme in healthcare discussions. These will be about building capacity through entry to practice processes (keeping a focus on candidates’ readiness to practise), the effectiveness of pharmacy practice environments (physical and procedural), and the general well-being of pharmacy professionals’ mental health. 

Looking towards 2023, I encourage pharmacy licensees and proprietors’ representatives to engage meaningfully with pharmacy team members to discuss their needs and changes that you can make to support them in their pursuit of short- and long-term success. As pharmacy professionals strive to balance their profession with personal wellness, the support of licensees and proprietors’ representatives is critical for success.

With these thoughts in mind, I hope this holiday season will allow for personal time to rest and have fun with your family and friends. I encourage all pharmacy teams to celebrate your achievements and the quality care that you have provided patients and your communities throughout 2022.