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Time-delayed safes signage arriving shortly

April 6, 2022
Pharmacies will begin to receive their ACP-provided materials in the coming weeks.

With the amended Standards for the Operation of Licensed Pharmacies (SOLP) that came into effect on January 1, 2022, pharmacies must secure narcotics in a time-delayed safe. Once this is accomplished, per Standard 4.7(e), pharmacies must also display Council-approved signage in the dispensary and at all external entrances to the pharmacy.

ACP has completed production of the signage and it will be shipped to pharmacies across the province in the week ahead. Each pharmacy will receive two 8.5×11 inch posters and two 5×5 inch double-sided vinyl decals (ideal for windows or glass doors). The poster will also be available for download on the robberies and burglaries page of the ACP website.

Licensees are responsible for ensuring that the signage is posted in their pharmacies once it arrives and the time-delayed safe is in use.