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What is the Continuing Competence Program prescribed activity for 2015/2016?

September 9, 2015

For the 2015/2016 Continuing Education (CE) cycle, pharmacists must complete the Jurisprudence Self-Assessment tool, found in the Self-Assessment/Prescribed Activities section of the CCP portal. This self-assessment tool will test your jurisprudence knowledge and help you identify potential learning needs. The Alberta College of Pharmacists will NOT be monitoring or keeping track of your self-assessment results. This is for your own continuing professional development.

Jurisprudence is not only about drug schedules and prescription regulations – it is about your everyday pharmacy practice, patient care, and prescribing. As a pharmacist, it is your responsibility, regardless of where you practise, to be aware of and understand the current Standards of Practice, Code of Ethics, and federal and provincial legislation that pertain to pharmacy practice.

For assistance, please contact a member of the competence team at