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What should happen with narcotic count discrepancies?

February 11, 2009

Do you know the proper procedure when your narcotic count detects a discrepancy? You must report losses of narcotic and controlled drugs, including non-reportable narcotics and controlled drugs and targeted substances, to Health Canada no later than 10 days after its discovery.

You can find the “Loss or Theft Report” form on the ACP website under Pharmacist Resources/Forms.  For situations in which you cannot definitely determine the reason for the discrepancy, the form includes a section for unexplained loss.  

Submit the completed “Loss or Theft Report” form to Office of Controlled Substances at Health Canada; you do not submit a copy of the form to ACP. Like medication errors, you may want to review these forms periodically to identify any trends or opportunities to improve your processes.

Originally published in the February 11, 2009, issue of The Link