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November 29, 2023
Helpful tips for finding resources on ACP’s new website.

To assist pharmacy teams in finding information on ACP’s new website, we have put together this short guide to navigate the regulated members section.


Information for those looking to apply to ACP or maintain their existing registration is available under registration. Separate sections are available for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.

  • The initial registration sections (for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians) detail the processes for different types of applicants, while the requirements sections (for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians) define what applicants must complete or provide.
  • The managing your registration sections (for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians) detail annual renewal, applying to the independent practice registers, moving to inactive status, requesting a letter of standing, and professional declaration audits.
  • The pharmacist and pharmacy technician registration sections are also the home for information on Structured Practical Training (SPT), authorizations (pharmacists only), returning to practice, and appeals.


The licensure section contains all information for those looking to open a new pharmacy or manage an existing pharmacy.

  • The licensees and proprietors section helps define these two roles, and provides information and resources for licensees.
  • The new pharmacies section defines pharmacy licence categories and the steps and requirements necessary to open a pharmacy.
  • The managing your pharmacy section contains information on licence renewal, closures, renovations, and relocations.


Basic information about the Continuing Competence Program (CCP) and its requirements is available under competence.

Practice framework

The practice framework section is the new home for ACP’s Code of Ethics, standards, guidance and guidelines, and advice to the professions. It also contains references to applicable federal and provincial legislation and a link to (the home of the Tenets of Professionalism).

Practice resources

The practice resources section is the new home for all of the information and tools that pharmacy teams need in their daily practice.

Note: This article was updated in February 2024 to reflect a change in the website menu structure.