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Resources and Tools for Pharmacists

Pharmacist Resources

ACP developed the tool below to support pharmacists in conversations with individuals using opioid medications. You may wish to print the tool and keep copies available in your consultation room or at the pharmacy counter.

 Pharmacist Assessment: What you need to know

The brochure Understanding my pharmacist's role in assessing medication risk was developed to help pharmacists explain their role to patients. Email our communications team to request copies of the brochure for your pharmacy.

 Medication-Assisted Treatment for Opioid Dependence (ODT)

Here are some external resources you may want to use when treating individuals using opioid medications:

Pharmacist's virtual communication toolkit: engaging in effective conversations about opioids (NAPRA)

CDC checklist for prescribing opioids for chronic pain

Navigating opioids for chronic pain

Non-opioid treatments for chronic pain

CADTH pain evidence bundle

CADTH evidence bundle for opioids

CDC pocket guide: tapering opioids for chronic pain

Opioid risk tool (McMaster University National Pain Centre)

Brief pain inventory - experimental (McMaster University National Pain Centre)

Opioid manager (McMaster University National Pain Centre)

Opioid manager – switching opioids (McMaster University National Pain Centre)

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