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Jurisprudence Learning Module (pharmacist)

The Jurisprudence Learning Module (JLM) is an online module that reviews the different federal and provincial legislations and standards of practice that govern Alberta pharmacy practice.

The module includes nine chapters. Once all the chapters are complete, you will receive a certificate.

You must complete the module prior to beginning Level 1 of the online Structured Practical Training (SPT) program.


Q: How do I know if the module is complete?

A: The module can be completed in any order. Once the module has been completed, there will be an orange banner at the top of the screen saying “Click here to print your certificate.” This indicates that the module is complete. Please print the certificate for your records and to submit it to ACP.

Q: If I have completed the module, do I need to complete the two sexual abuse and sexual misconduct courses as well?

A: The sexual abuse and sexual misconduct courses are included in the module, so you don’t need to complete these courses separately.

Q: I am having technical difficulties accessing and navigating the module.

  • A: Ensure you are using a laptop or desktop to access the website, not a tablet or mobile device.
  • ACP recommends using Google Chrome as your browser.
  • Check your pop-up blocker and make sure it is disabled.
  • Try using incognito browser with the pop-ups disabled, or private browsing mode.
  • Disable any browser add-ons.

Q: What if I receive an error that says “Error saving to server-please contact ACP”?

A: This can be caused by interruptions in your internet connection. Please check your network connection. If you continue going through the module after receiving this message, your progress may not be saved.

Q: I have completed a slide but there is no “Next” button. How do I advance?

A: At times, the “Next” button may be missing. This means that in order to advance to the next slide, you will need to complete an activity on that slide. This may include clicking a “Submit” button or ticking a checkbox before being able to advance to the next slide.

Q: I have completed a slide but there is still a lock icon beside the slide. Why is the lock still there?

A: If the slide in question has an activity on it, it will continue to show the lock icon even if you have completed the activity. A lock icon does not necessarily mean you haven’t completed a slide. As long you have completed the activity on that slide, you can continue through the module.