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The Audit of Professional Declarations audits pharmacy professionals’ compliance with the professional declarations made at the time of initial registration or registration renewal. This audit consists of an audit of the pharmacy technician’s professional liability insurance.

Professional declaration made at renewal

When a pharmacy technician submits their registration renewal application, they make the following professional declaration:

As a regulated member on the clinical pharmacist or pharmacy technician register of the Alberta College of Pharmacy, I understand that I must be in possession of valid professional liability insurance, that is issued in my name and provides me with the required amount of personal coverage for the practice of pharmacy that is either claims-made or occurrence-based in nature. I will maintain this insurance coverage while on the clinical pharmacist or pharmacy technician register regardless of the province in which I reside and regardless of whether I am employed, or whether my place of employment changes.

I understand that the status of my insurance coverage is subject to audit and that false or misleading statements concerning my coverage may be referred to the Complaints Director for further investigation, which may result in referral to a hearing before a Hearing Tribunal.

The primary rationale behind the Professional Declaration audit is to determine whether the pharmacy professional has valid personal professional liability coverage as required by the Health Professions Act and ACP Bylaws.

If you’ve been selected for audit

You will be requested to provide the following supporting documentation:

  1. Professional liability insurance
    • A copy of your current insurance policy. Note that the receipt for your insurance premium payment is not required.
      • If your policy is lengthy, send only the page(s) that show
        • your name (insured),
        • the name of the insurance company (insurer),
        • policy number,
        • the date the insurance was purchased/issued,
        • the policy period (effective date to end date), and
        • the amount of insurance coverage.

The Guide to completing an audit of Professional Declaration provides step-by-step instructions to help you complete the audit process in myACP.

What about the possibility of future audits?

It is possible for an audited pharmacy professional to be selected for review in subsequent registration years. The registrar, Competence Committee, or delegate of Council may order a directed audit and any pharmacy professional’s file can be chosen for review during a random selection. Although unlikely, the same pharmacy professional’s files could be randomly selected for audit in consecutive years.