Additional prescribing authorization

Am I ready to apply for additional prescribing authorization?

Pharmacists in good standing on the clinical register may apply for additional prescribing authorization after meeting these criteria:

  1. Have at least one year of full-time experience in direct patient care while on the clinical pharmacist register. Beginning in 2018, entry level Pharm D graduates from CCAPP accredited Canadian schools of pharmacy will have the one-year practice requirement waived. However applicants must use patient cases from their time on the clinical register as a clinical pharmacist (i.e., not as students, interns, etc.).
  2. Have strong collaborative relationships with other regulated health professionals.
  3. Have and maintain the necessary knowledge, skills, attitudes, and clinical judgment to enhance patient care.
  4. Have the required supports in his/her practice (e.g., access to information, communication, documentation processes) to enable safe and effective management of drug therapy.

How are applications evaluated?

Applications are evaluated by pharmacists who are trained to use an objective criterion-referenced assessment tool. Applicants that meet or exceed the minimum standard on review will receive authorization from the registrar to prescribe Schedule 1 drugs in accordance with Sections 16 (3) and 16(4) of the Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians Profession Regulation.

Will I receive a new practice permit?

If successful, authorization in writing and an updated practice permit will be sent to you in writing. Pharmacists must receive a new practice permit reflecting additional prescribing authorization from the college prior to prescribing to manage or initiate drug therapy.

How do I renew my additional prescribing authorization?

Renewal of your additional prescribing authorization will be automatic with the renewal of your practice permit if you meet all other requirements of practice permit renewal.

I want to apply for additional prescribing authorization

View the Guide to Receiving Additional Prescribing Authorization to learn more about the application process and to print the self-assessment and application forms.

Assessment fee: $350 + GST ($367.50)

NOTE: Your submission must include

Resources, guides, and forms

7 tips for additional prescribing authorization applicants  

Guide to Receiving Additional Prescribing Authorization 

Additional prescribing authorization FAQs

Self-assessment form

Application form

Payment form

Case narrative

Case checklist

List of key activities and indicators