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If you are currently a pharmacy technician in good standing in another Canadian province or territory, you may apply to the courtesy pharmacy technician register if you require registration in Alberta on a temporary basis to either

  • practise as a pharmacy technician temporarily in Alberta (registration as a pharmacy technician locum is required), or
  • teach the practice of pharmacy technician to regulated members of ACP (registration as a pharmacy technician CE provider is required).

You must maintain your registration in the other jurisdiction while registered on the courtesy pharmacy technician register.

A CE provider is prohibited from practising as a pharmacy technician in Alberta and from providing patient care. The scope of a CE provider in Alberta is restricted to the provision of professional development programs.

If you intend to teach the practice of pharmacy technician to regulated members of ACP and would like to register as a CE provider, follow these steps to apply to the courtesy pharmacy technician register (CE provider): 

  1. Prepare your supporting documentation. All documents must be in PDF format.
    • Obtain a letter of standing from the Canadian provincial regulatory authority in the jurisdiction where you are currently licensed. If applicable, letters of standing are also required from any other Canadian jurisdiction where you are or previously have been licensed. The letters must indicate your current status within that jurisdiction.   
    • Prepare the initial registration documents.
  1. Complete and submit the appropriate application.
    • Apply to the courtesy pharmacy technician register as a CE provider. To do this, access the application to the courtesy register (CE provider) (in myACP). All applications can be found in the Catalog.
      • The application will require you to upload the supporting documentation you prepared in step 1. Your application is not complete until all supporting documentation has been uploaded and you have submitted the application.
  1. Application decision.
    • Complete applications are reviewed in the order in which they are submitted and may take up to 15 business days to assess and process. Incomplete applications will result in further delays. ACP will notify you via email once a decision has been made or if we have any questions regarding your application.
  1. Provide your payment.
    • If approved, you will be required to provide payment online. The college’s fees are outlined in the ACP fee schedule. Only the following payment methods will be accepted:
      • Visa, and
      • Mastercard.
    • Payment must be provided within 30 days of your approval or your application will expire, and you will be required to apply again.
  1. Access your practice permit.
    • Once your payment has been processed, your practice permit can be accessed from your myACP profile.
    • The term of a practice permit for a pharmacy technician CE provider is 90 days and commences when the practice permit is issued.