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Is your pharmacy prepared for the departure of a licensee?

October 5, 2022
When a licensee departs, a new licensee or temporary pharmacist in charge must be in place to enable your pharmacy to continue operations.

It is not uncommon for a pharmacy to see its licensee end their employment, however it is important that the licensee remembers their responsibilities when doing so. At times, licensees forget about responsibilities they hold when terminating their role. It is important to remember that it is the licensee who holds the pharmacy licence, therefore without a licensee, a pharmacy does not have a pharmacy licence and the pharmacy is not permitted to continue operations.      

If a licensee chooses to resign, it is the responsibility of the departing licensee to work with their proprietor’s representative to proactively secure a new licensee or temporary pharmacist in charge (TPIC). The new licensee or TPIC must be approved by ACP prior to the resigning licensee’s departure if the pharmacy is to continue operations.

A TPIC must be registered as a clinical pharmacist, be employed at the pharmacy, and agree to

The ACP Bylaws allow the pharmacy to operate without a licensee for a maximum of 90 days if the pharmacy is under the management, control, and supervision of a TPIC. If a licensee is not approved before 90 days from the licensee’s departure, the pharmacy must close.

The departing licensee is not eligible to become the licensee of another pharmacy until an application for a new licensee or TPIC for the pharmacy they are leaving is approved by ACP.

Replacing the licensee on a temporary basis with a TPIC or on a long-term basis with a new licensee is essential to maintain the pharmacy licence and continue to serve your community without interruption.