Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the ACP office is closed to the public as our staff work remotely. Click here to see how this impacts our programs and operations.

About ACP

The Alberta College of Pharmacy (ACP) is responsible for quality pharmacy practice in Alberta. We:

  • develop and enforce pharmacy practice standards and guidelines;
  • ensure that only qualified pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are licensed, all pharmacists and pharmacy technicians maintain their knowledge and skills at the highest level possible, and all pharmacies provide a practice environment that supports quality practice and patient safety;
  • manage the complaints resolution process related to pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and pharmacies;
  • participate in local, provincial and national forums when health policy is debated; and
  • promote patient-centered, collaborative health care that best uses the skills and knowledge of all health care professionals.

Our activities are governed by the Health Professions Act. This Act outlines the organizational structure of the college—namely council and its committees—and dictates responsibilities related to licensure, practice review and complaint resolution.