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The term of a pharmacy licence commences when the pharmacy licence is issued and terminates on June 30 of each year. Licensees can renew their pharmacy licence in myACP. The Renewing your pharmacy licence guide provides step-by-step instructions to help you renew your pharmacy licence in myACP.

The pharmacy licensee must apply to renew their pharmacy licence annually during the renewal period, which is from April 1 to May 31. It is the licensee’s responsibility to renew the pharmacy licence. A proprietor’s representative is required to support this process and provide applicable documentation and signatures.

The licensee must submit the application to renew the pharmacy licence by May 31. Late applications received in June will be assessed a non-compliance fee. If a pharmacy licence is not renewed by June 30, the pharmacy licence is suspended effective July 1. In the event of a suspension of a pharmacy licence, the pharmacy must close and cease all operations.

Follow these steps to apply for pharmacy licence renewal:

  1. Prepare your supporting documentation. All documentation must be in PDF format.
    • Licensee statutory declaration.
      • The statutory declaration must be declared before a notary public or a commissioner for oaths within the past six months. Out-of-province declarants must use a notary public.
    • Licensee undertaking.
    • Proprietor form: annual renewal.
      • The statutory declaration must be declared before a notary public or a commissioner for oaths within the past six months. Out-of-province declarants must use a notary public.
    • Corporate documents if the owner is a corporation.
      • Corporation’s proof of filing (last annual return) showing
        • the names and addresses of the directors of the corporation;
        • the names and addresses of each major shareholder, including percentage of voting shares; and
        • any changes made since filing this last annual return.
      • If you are a new corporation and have not yet had to file an annual return, submit a copy of your certificate of incorporation showing the names and addresses of all the directors of the corporation and the names and addresses of each major shareholder.
      • The information on your proof of filing or certificate of incorporation must match the owner and major shareholder information as indicated for the pharmacy.
  1. Complete and submit your application. This must be completed by the licensee.
    • Once you are ready to apply, complete the following steps:
      • Access the application to renew the pharmacy licence (in myACP). All applications can be found in the Catalog.
      • The application will require you to upload the supporting documentation you prepared in step 1.
  1. Provide your payment.
    • Once you submit your application, you will be required to provide payment. The college’s fees are outlined in the ACP fee schedule. Only the following payment methods will be accepted:
      • Visa;
      • Mastercard; and
      • cheque, which must
        • be payable to the Alberta College of Pharmacy,
        • be mailed to the ACP office, and
        • clearly identify all the pharmacies (including licence numbers) the payment is for.
    • Your application is not complete until the application, all supporting documentation, and payment have been received.
  1. Application decision.
    • Complete applications are reviewed in the order in which they are submitted and may take up to 20 business days to assess and process. Incomplete applications will result in further delays. 
    • ACP will notify you via email once a decision has been made or if we have any questions regarding your application. If approved, a new pharmacy licence will be mailed to the pharmacy.