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Any changes to the physical facilities, proposed use of space, or layout of a licensed pharmacy are considered renovations and require advanced notice and approval by the registrar prior to implementing these changes. The licensee should submit a complete application to renovate the pharmacy to ACP at least 45 days before construction begins.

A renovation includes any proposed changes to the overall size of the pharmacy, the size of the dispensary, use of space for pharmacy services, or the counterspace. Modifications that do not alter the previously approved floor plan or intended use of space are not considered renovations and do not require further approval (e.g., painting). If you are not sure whether the changes you are planning constitute a renovation, please contact ACP for verification.

ACP has approved a policy allowing eligible pharmacies to apply to use additional space that is not contiguous with the existing dispensary for pharmacy services. This policy is only applicable to community pharmacies that existed on the premises prior to March 3, 2018. This policy also does not apply to a pharmacy with a compounding and repackaging licence. If the pharmacy is not eligible, you may need to apply for a separate pharmacy licence and adhere to the new pharmacy licensure process.

If you wish to renovate the pharmacy, the licensee must adhere to the following steps:

  1. Prepare your supporting documentation. All documentation must be in PDF format.
    • A floor plan depicting the physical facilities, intended use of space, and layout of the entire licensed pharmacy. This plan must comply with the floor plan requirements guide, and any submissions that do not comply with this guide will be rejected.
    • If the pharmacy shares premises with another business (e.g., medical clinic), you must complete the shared premises form.
      • You must also provide an additional floor plan depicting the overall facilities, space, and layout of the premises.
    • If the renovation of the pharmacy includes adding sterile compounding, you must submit the sterile floorplan preliminary questionnaire.
  2. Complete and submit your application. This must be completed by the licensee.
    • Access the application to renovate the pharmacy (in myACP). All applications can be found in the Catalog.
    • The application will require you to upload the supporting documentation prepared in step 1.
  3. Provide your payment.
    • Once you submit your application, you will be required to provide payment. The college’s fees are outlined in the ACP fee schedule. Only the following payment methods will be accepted:
      • Visa, and
      • Mastercard.
    • Your application is not complete until the application, all supporting documentation, and payment have been submitted.
  4. Application decision.
    • Complete applications are reviewed in the order in which they are submitted and may take up to 15 business days to assess and process. Incomplete applications will result in further delays. ACP will notify you via email once a decision has been made or if we have any questions regarding your application.
  5. Begin your renovations.
    • Once the application to renovate the pharmacy has been conditionally accepted, you may begin construction. If there are changes to the proposed floorplan or renovation start or completion date, as indicated in the application, please inform ACP by email.
  6. Schedule your renovation inspection.
    • After the renovation is complete, please inform ACP by submitting your pharmacy inspection readiness form to to schedule the required inspection. A pharmacy practice consultant will target to schedule an inspection of the pharmacy within one month to ensure the pharmacy continues to meet foundational requirements.